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Ep 15 - Top Gun Maverick: Fast Planes, Amazing Cameras, and Heroic Masculinity

Sure, Top Gun Maverick is a near perfect summer blockbuster, but what moral lessons can we draw from it? We talk about the difficulty of forgiveness, the nature of teamwork, and Ben Pacini returns to sell us on heroic masculinity. We also get a glimpse behind the scenes from Brad Wilson of Keslow Camera, who provided the specialized gear to shoot the fighter jet footage in the film.

Our Ratings: Content: Terrestrial Artistic Merit: 5 popcorn balls Gospel Connections: 3 apricots

Best Books:

Brad - SheHulk: Attorney at Law (Disney+)


Liz's quote from CS Lewis is from his essay "On Stories":

"We do not enjoy a story fully at the first reading. Not till the curiosity, the sheer narrative lust, has been given its sop and laid asleep, are we at leisure to savor the real beauties. Till then, it is like wasting great wine on a ravenous natural thirst which merely wants cold wetness."

Val - Amazon Prime documentary on Val Kilmer

"What Does It Mean to Be ‘very Feminine’ in America Today?" by W. Bradford Wilcox, Jenet Jacob Erikson, and James McQuivey

The Gospel According to Top Gun - about the original movie

Top Gun: Maverick Takes Us On A Journey Toward A Heavenly Homeland - an analysis of the movie from a Catholic perspective

Top Gun/Star Wars meme:

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Video editing by Liz Busby; Audio mastering by Carl Cranney

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Unknown member
Jun 28, 2023

Great job everyone! It was a pleasure to follow your insights and perspectives. Thank you for taking the time to share with the public.

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