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Ep 20 - The Rings of Power: The World is Round and It's Your Fault!

Rounding out our first season is our discussion of Amazon's Rings of Power series. We do some buy-or-sell discussion on the various plotlines that are crammed into this eight-episode, billion-dollar series: Galadriel, the Southlanders, Elrond and Durin, and more. We talk about some of the ways that the series fails to capture the pre-modern worldview that's characteristic of Tolkien's writing and how the series (perhaps accidentally) aligns Sauron with a more LDS conception of Satan.

Our Ratings: Content: Terrestrial Artistic Merit: 4 popcorn balls Gospel Connections: 4 apricots

Best Books:

Liz - Ms. Marvel (Disney+)

Carl - Willow (Disney+) (anti-recommendation)

Jeffrey - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+)

Alan - Star Wars: Andor (Disney+)


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