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Ep 12 - The Adam Project: Time Travel Families Are Forever

This movie may be so-so as a science fiction property, but we think it's excellent as a film about family relationships, grief, and raising teenagers. This episode has a lot of callouts to other time travel films and tv shows as well as some disagreement about the appropriateness of young Adam's questions for his older self. We also reveal that Liz mixes up Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks (oops!). Join us for a fun discussion of this sci-fi family drama.

Our Ratings: Content: Terrestrial Artistic Merit: 3 popcorn balls Gospel Connections: 4 apricots

Best Books:


Other time travel films and shows:

Frequency (movie)

Star Trek: Voyager "Year of Hell" episode

Frequency (TV series)

Three types of time travel - similar to those mentioned by Nathaniel

This didn't get mentioned in the podcast, but the butterfly effect was first conceived of in Ray Bradbury's short story "A Sound of Thunder"

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Video editing by Liz Busby; Audio mastering by Carl Cranney

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Membre inconnu
07 oct. 2022

Hi I'm Whare from NZ and I saw Liz today in a Zoom Meeting. She talked about Pop Culture on the Apricot tree so wrote it down and now here I am on podcast. We like good movies and I should read more fiction books and so this is a good platform for me, oh and like the funny discussions you have. Hey you all are champions and I hope to see you all again.

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