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Ep 23 - Dueling Pinocchios

Two Pinocchio films, one clear winner? Come compare these two 2022 adaptations of the classic story as we discover that you can buy anything in this world with money except good CGI effects. Our guests Adam Stokes and Rachel Helps get us into some deep discussions about the Mormon doctrine of the resurrection and the materiality of the spirit. And we look at how the two films portray the obligations of parenting in very different lights and what they have to say about the relational nature of the atonement. In the end, both films give us a very moral worldview of how we can grow and improve as imperfect human beings.

Our Ratings: Disney's Pinocchio

Content: Celestial Artistic Merit: 2 popcorn balls Gospel Connections: 2 apricots

Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio

Content: Telestial Artistic Merit: 5 popcorn balls Gospel Connections: 5 apricots

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Carl - Star Wars: Visions (Disney+); The Fountain

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Astroboy (American film); Astroboy (anime)

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Carl - Twitter: @CarlCranney

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Video editing by Liz Busby; Audio mastering by Carl Cranney

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