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Announcing PCAT Live: Mormonism in Mistborn

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We're excited to announce an episode of Pop Culture on the Apricot Tree live from Dragonsteel 2022, the Brandon Sanderson convention. In conjunction with the release of The Lost Metal, the final book in the Wax and Wayne series, we'll be discussing Mormonism in the Mistborn series. Whether you're a Latter-day Saint dying to discuss the gospel connections you've noticed in the Mistborn series (truth on metal plates anyone?) or merely curious about how Mormon beliefs and culture have manifested Brandon's writing, we're here to talk about it all.

Join us for a live recording on Monday, November 14, at 1 pm in the Yolen room. Further details on the convention website.

Liz Busby, who has written on Mormon theology in the Stormlight Archive, will be moderating a panel of guests to talk about all things Mormon in the Mistborn series, including BYU Religion professor Nick Frederick (who recently presented on whether The Way of Kings could have saved the Nephites). We will focus mainly on the Wax and Wayne era (no spoilers for The Lost Metal!), but we're bound to also stray into the first series as well. Tickets for the convention are still available on the convention website. If recording goes well, this episode will also eventually be available on our feed.

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