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Ep 30 - The Mandalorian S3: Excommunication and Return

Join us as we delve into season three of Disney's The Mandalorian and Din Djarin's quest to be redeemed from his apostacy. Jacob Hess and Jared Esselman join us to discuss the latest and most religious season of the Star Wars spin-off show. We start with the overall unsatisfying religious arc of Star Wars up to this point and how this season turned that around by using a Jewish template for the Mandalorian culture. The show is a great example of how members of the same religious tradition with different practices and beliefs can get along. And Jared shares with us the story of his excommunication and rebaptism into the church and how Din Djarin's journey paralleled his experience.

Our Ratings: Content: Celestial Artistic Merit: 4 popcorn balls Gospel Connections: 5 apricots

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Jared - Ted Lasso (Apple+)


Jewish Perspectives on season 3: Is ‘The Mandalorian’ Lowkey Jewish?

Comedy skit with Din Djarin trying on different religions - LDS section at about the 5 min mark

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ShuaSter Studio
ShuaSter Studio

I love the idea of Holy Envy.

When I hear people with differences in doctrine within the church, I tend to go with the idea of "Go with that. where did it come from and where is it going?"



I liked this discussion about Mandalorian S3 although I haven't seen it yet. Liz talks about something different; the institution and how it is important, I agree. In New Zealand we have 4 seasons winter, spring, summer and autumn and they happen every year for 100s of years as far back as we know. This year we had cyclone Gabriel, but what I'm trying to say is my life is repetitious too daily with work, scripture study art, church on the Sabbath day, and writing therefore I do something a little different every now and again. But keep up with work, scripture study and so forth. This is just a thought I wanted to share, thanks.

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