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Ep 3 - Noah: Interesting Interpretation or Stretching Scripture?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Did rock monsters really help Noah build the ark? How about Methuselah wielding the flaming sword? We discuss the 2014 film Noah, the many extra Biblical sources it draws upon, and whether the movie is a failure of scriptural storytelling or an interesting interpretation that makes us think. (Spoilers: a little bit of both.) Apologies to Ivan, whose video was somehow corrupted and gummed up the editing works, but we hope you enjoy his animated replacement.

Our Ratings: Content: Celestial- or Terrestrial+ Artistic Merit: 5 popcorn balls Gospel Connections: 4 apricots

Best Books:

Carl - Critical Role (D&D improv show); The Legend of Vox Machina (animated show, not recommended); Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins (graphic novel)


The Princess Bride and Philosophy: Inconceivable! - the collection with Ivan's essay about that moron, Aristotle

Book of Enoch - an apocryphal source of some non-Biblical elements in the film

"Strange Ships and Shining Stones" - the Hugh Nibley essay about the parallels between the Jaredite barges and Noah's ark, also found in An Approach to the Book of Mormon

The Legends of the Jews - contains story about Methuselah using the flaming sword from Eden

Articles on the film from an LDS perspective:

Articles on the film from a Christian perspective:

Find Us:

Video editing by Robert Hill

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